Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

Hi all,  hope your holiday season was merry and bright!   I thoroughly enjoyed my time this holiday season, especially well over due time with the huble.  We enjoyed pretty much doing all things that make us the happiest.  We caught up with friends/family,  made a small trip out of town to the treasure coast,  attended many parties, cooked/baked great dishes and desserts, ate them, crafted, took a camera class with my new camera, ate, napped, played board games with the family, read several books, went to the movies,  had a few bonfires and I did mention we ate- LOL.

I saw a cartoon somewhere where one person was asking another what they got for Christmas and the one person replied "fat", "I got fat for Christmas."  Ha ha ha. Yup we can relate, between my family (we are Italians) and myself we did some good cooking this holiday.   My husband and I were off for roughly 2 weeks, this last week he made us go back to boot camp.  Lots of walking :)

I mentioned crafting...... I did make some cards but with there only being 4 weeks to get Christmas done and not having a good camera once again I failed at taking any pictures.  But fear not I am on a mission now with my super duper new toy.

I am however able to share a project I did over the holidays,(discloser pics taken with an iphone).  Each year my company holds a Christmas party for our clients.  And so each year decorations-table decor are an essential.  I love making the event just a bit extra special by giving them something festive and pretty to look at.  It really helps create the mood :).  I definitely think I succeeded as many people came up to me and said "wow did you make those they are so pretty."

Truth be told I had help from a few elves.  There was no way I could do 15 of these all on my own.  I actually came up with the design from something off of pinterest and then just modified to scale for our party.

I did three different versions, classic red/white, what we call  the Dr. Seuss and a blue/white in honor of our Jewish folks however those got gobbled up so fast that I didn't get a picture of the Jewish design.

Ok so  here they are...

This one actually had a snowflake on the pot base, in the next photo you will see what I am referring too.  

After completing these for our party, I decided to create a 16th one for the two people that have inspired me and my crafting-my grandparents.  They love the color purple and their house is decorated in these colors.  And oh yeah so the snowflake on this one is the same one we did use for the Dr. Seuss one above. 

They loved it!  When my grandparents retired many years ago they got into doing center pieces for  local small business's in new york that they frequented.  The business owners would keep them so busy especially around the holidays.  They were very talented and I remember at times helping them when I could. 

Anyway thanks for stopping by and I hope 2014 is a great year for you and yours :). 

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