Monday, October 21, 2013

Where art thou?

Oh my poor neglected blog –LOL.  Well what I can say…..   no excuses just life happens?  The battle of the “taking over” the craft room continues. Good news/bad news although my husband remains shacked up in my craft room just about finishing one degree he has about 14 more months for his last degree.  He has offered to co-habitat in there but I just cannot get the creative juices flowing with him in there.  Who knows what I mean?  It’s a whole mindset for me.  I am really proud of him and it’s just the price I have pay J
I sorta did take up  a few more hobbies... I redecorated my office, fostered a few pups from lab rescue, become an essential oil distributor, finished a plan for redecorating our bedroom, was a part of an innovative teaching experience for folks within my industry in health care and guardianship, brushed up on my nursing skills and worked worked worked. 

I also squeezed in a few trips to the MFT Boutique.  Love that place!  Great products, great classes and Kim has done an amazing job with the decor. 

This was the first summer that we actually didn’t play a whole lot.   This was also the first summer without family-kids L .

The end of last year didn’t make the beginning of this year so great either.  After being blessed with my sister ‘s family moving closer to us in  late 2011,  we suddenly had to say goodbye to them  Christmas 2013 as they relocated to Texas.   Although it’s not forever it’s just not the same being far apart, I truly enjoyed having my nephew and sister here. Being able to be a part of my nephew's "growing up" was awesome since I missed so much of it in his beginning years.   It was definitely short but sweet,  I guess I just have to be grateful for the time we had together and I realize that everything happens for a reason.

We also had to say good bye to our beloved lab Dexter around this same time.  After returning from a trip in NYC during the holidays on Christmas Eve, he suffered a severe seizure and just could not rebound.  This was such a shock to us as he had just been to the vet reporting for his age he was in great shape and with  no health issues.  Again have to be grateful for the time we had with him. 

Oooh yeah so the lab rescue thing.  After sending Dexter over the rainbow bridge my husband was adamant that we were not getting another dog as Dexter was too special to replace.  I agreed this was true, however when you go from a barking household to a non- barking household, its deafening.  So I convinced him to let me foster.  Problem solved right?  Well in comes Tucker.  After about three weeks and understanding this little guy Scott and I quickly realized that if we adopted him out he potentially could be bounced around from home to home. First rescue and we failed!  He is very sweet and lovable but due to his past he has a lot (I mean a lot) of separation anxiety.   We have lost 4 blinds, 2 pair of shoes and a pottery barn rug.  Tucker is with his forever family and we are happy to say he has come a long way but still has a ways to go. 

I am also happy to say that we have placed 3 (well really 4) dogs in their forever home.  One pup was placed twice.  This experience has truly taught us a lot.  I never knew how much of a softy my husband really was.  

Ok so let me share a small project of the office redecorating. I really wanted something chevron and viola  here’s what I came up with.  I picked up this piece at a garage sale for 15 dollars!  Still can't believe it.  I get a lot of compliments on this piece.  

So I won’t make any promises about getting cards done or participating in the weekly sketch challenges.  But I will promise that I will never stop being creative!   For now its just going to have to be one project at a time whenever I can find the time and the spaceJ

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