Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catching Up Part 2 and Blog Name Change.

Ok I know Christmas is over but I did promise to show you some of the stuff I did over the holidays.

Last month I had the pleasure of teaching a class at the Maitland Senior Center.   What a great group of people.   We made Christmas cards, stuffed them with a single shot of coffee or tea and then sent them out to the troops.

The folks that attended said they really enjoyed my class and didn't realize it was quite easy to scrapbook, I even had two men in my class and was asked if I could come back!

On another note you may have realized I changed my web address to just  I came to the realization that I am and have a desire to be a crafter of many trades. As I have mentioned before most of my projects are "enspirations" drawn from other crafters and recently I have been "enspired" to attempt other things like photography, home decorating and canvas painting.  I have some very talented, artsy friends and I am learning all kinds of new things from them.   Have no worries most of my posts will likely still be card making and scrap booking as these are my main passions.   But I would like to share with you my many other projects too.

Don't forget to come by later I am going to post one more Christmas project, it was also my favorite one this year!

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