Thursday, January 24, 2013

Catching up, Happy 2013!

Hi folks! so yes believe it or not I have been crafting, just as usual not posting. Right after Halloween I started making gifts, cards etc and of course had plans to take pics and post but just ran out of time to do so. And all of my creations now are being enjoyed by my lucky recipients. (or so I hope-lol).

Aside from that our holidays turned out to be not so great. We started off feeling very festive and in the Christmas spirit but they ended on a rather sad note.

The week before Christmas Scott and I headed to Manhattan. We pretty much froze our hineys off. But it was just what we needed to be reminded of how much we love our Florida and the beaches. We keep saying we couldn't wait to get back to Florida and head to the beach with our lab Dexter. While we were there we did see the Rockettes-Christmas spectacular, the Rockefeller Christmas tree, the ice skaters in Central Park and Santa! We ate some of the best food and enjoyed cocktails at some swanky bars with great friends and family. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and my company-my husband Scott. Scott has been very busy with work and school this year and at times we literally were just two ships passing in the night. It was a great time to reconnect and remember how lucky I am to have a great guy!

We came home Christmas Eve night and after settling in our Dex had a massive seizure. This was his first ever and it was long, too long. We immediately rushed him to the emergency vet and started treatment. We pretty much knew what this meant and spent most of Christmas Day and the days after sobbing and preparing for the worst. Although at one point Dexter showed some improvement ultimately he lost his battle and we were told he likely had cancer. After two and half weeks we made the most difficult decision.

We miss him very much and have struggled day to day but we are finding better and better days.

Dexter would have been 12 on 1/31/11. I know in lab years some are saying this was to be expected but I feel we should have had more time. Especially when at his recent routine vet visit,  we were told he is in great shape and had a very strong heart.  This was no surprise as we kept him very active with us. I have been doing a bit of research with canines and cancer and what I have discovered is so disturbing.

Basically the belief is what we feed our furkids could be the in the large the reason for them developing this illness. The reasons vary from ground up chickens that have cancer to agents from the heating process known to cause cancer being in their food. The government regulations do not prevent this or monitor.

Furthermore in general canine cancer as well as human cancer is on the rise. There is also a strong belief in human cancer that what we put in our bodies is causing this terminal illness. This is scary and disappointing, considering our government has a hand in this.

Something so simple as making sure our staple items-like eggs and milk are the purest they can be could be a such a gain. But what is feed to our cows and chicken, hormones given for mass production and conditions of the how the animals are farmed are harming and contributing to the problem.

ok well let me get back to craft talking. :) I do have a few pictures from my christmas crafting so  stay tuned as I will be posting those and some new ones for Valentines Day.

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